The Anti-Nutella


Let this be my official announcement: I joined the Whole Foods boycott. Beyond my outrage at their CEO’s current political stance, there were other, equally serious inconsistencies in their Earth & people-friendly image. (Check out The Omnivore’s Dilemma.)

Despite the mayhem of their checkout lines, I paid weekly visits to WF’s convenient Union Square location for much-coveted specialty items like hemp bagels, non-hydrogenated Tofutti spread, and the heavenly Rice Dream mint pies I could not find anywhere else…

Until now. I ordered the hemp bagels (for $2.00 LESS per package) directly from French Meadow Bakery.

And thanks to the Yelp! widget on my phone, I have discovered an amazing little natural foods market: Commodities, on First Avenue between 10th and 11th. They have the tofutti spread, the mint pies (plus mocha and chocolate!), and all my other favorite natural foods, at prices comparable, and sometimes lower, than Whole Foods.

The best part was the rare and unusual items they had that I’d never seen before. My favorite discovery was the above hempseed/cacao/cashew spread. On rice bread toast, it was twenty times more tasty than Nutella ever was. TRUST.

(and BTW…I didn’t have anything against Nutella until I saw one of their recent ads touting it as a health food. Refined Sugar, Palm Oil + Artificial Flavor? Really?)


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