Indian Sweets for ME

I practically just inhaled a box of Indian Sweets from Patel Brothers (my favorite Indian supermarket). They are called Kaju Katli, and are diamond shaped, yellow sweets made of cashews.

I looked up a recipe, and basically you grind soaked cashews, mix them with sugar, and cook into a nutty caramel. You color it with saffron, mix in some pistachios, and then spread into a thin layer to cool and then cut.

They taste even more gorgeous than they look! I want to try to make a raw version of these tasty, vegan sweets.


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One Response to Indian Sweets for ME

  1. Brooke says:

    Anita you have to send me some of this stuff! I see all of this amazing food on your blog and I WANT IT! Can’t you start delivering or something? I mean, DC isn’t that far…just a bus ride.
    Love you!

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