World’s Laziest Nori Rolls; Homemade Sushi for the Underacheiver.

If you are like me, when you’re home alone, meals consist of whatever is around and fits in the palm of your hand. I cannot be bothered to cook for myself. If there’s nobody around to oooh & aaah over my food, what’s the point? That was the case today.

But, by dinnertime, I was hungry for more than just fistfulls of cashews, bittersweet baking chocolate, flaked coconut, and other remnants raided from my baking cabinet.

The next easiest thing was to throw some rice in the rice cooker. Once it was done, but still hot, I decided to mix in some shredded kale and carrot. The next thing you know, I was adding grated ginger and horseradish, sesame oil, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, dried herbs, lemon, and a little of that flaked coconut for a nice touch of sweetness.

By that time, I realized it would be pretty easy to roll it all up inside some sheets of nori. Because the filling ingredients were already mixed into the rice, there was no fussing around layering perfectly cut vegetables of uniform size, like you have to do with real sushi rolls. All I had to do was spread some filling on the nori, roll it up, and cut! This was surprisingly easy because everything was sticky from the rice. There was no need for pickled ginger or wasabi because those flavors were already in the filling.

I topped each piece with a dollop of raw vegan blue cheese dressing, and had my first real homemade meal in days. It felt like cheating. The meal took less than 20 minutes from start to finish. This recipe could be made with any vegetables, seasonings and sauce you have around. You could even throw some seeds or nuts in the mix.

You just might catch yourself saying “Aaah.”


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2 Responses to World’s Laziest Nori Rolls; Homemade Sushi for the Underacheiver.

  1. Spicy Life says:

    This is such a good idea to mix it all up. I like how you use other flavors besides the traditional – esp. the blue cheese topping! I’m going to try this tomorrow (I have had nori sheets in my pantry for almost a year…)

  2. I agree! My favorite part was the oregano I added. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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