Just in Time for the Cupcake Backlash: My Baked Vegan Spelt Donuts

It has been 9 months since I baked my first donut. I used a special pan that my fiancee (now husband) found at an outlet kitchen store in northern Florida, a pit stop between tour dates with his band. He knew I loved donuts, but enjoyed them rarely. If I did find vegan ones, they were either too expensive, too sweet, or fried. I craved a donut I could treat myself to every day and still feel & look great.

In the beginning, there were sad imploded donuts. There were stubborn, sticky donuts that refused to come out of the pan. There were hard donuts that could crack your teeth. There were countless sleepless nights. But for some reason, I could not stop until the recipe was perfect.

And now it is closer than I ever would have imagined. My donuts sell out every weekend at Brooklyn Standard. I now get sample requests from stores, cafes, and even gyms. The hang-ups and regrets I used to have about selling people food I wouldn’t eat myself are gone. I am selling my ideal treat.

And I love that they are a New York City classic, coming back into style. I think they are the new cupcake. They can be found in a $12 dessert at Craft, or for 99¢ at the corner bodega.

What is most exciting to me is the upsurge in vegan donut options. There are more and more people like me popping up, offering their specific version. There are raised yeast doughnuts in comfort-food-inspired flavors like root beer from the boys at Dun-Well. There are the gluten-free delicacies from the candy-striped cuties at Babycakes. And every day I discover more.

The secret to my donuts is the ingredients. They are soy-free. They have no hydrogenated shortening or processed anything. They are good because they are made with my favorite stuff; pumpkin, lemon, coconut, vanilla bean and of course organic spelt. And that’s just the ‘plain’ version! Every donut has less sugar, less oil, and more flavor.

I can not wait to see what the comes next for my donuts. For now, I am going to keep on striving for perfection.


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