My Summer of Smorgasburg: A Vegan Street Food Gallery

Over the summer, I was one of the inaugural vendors at Smorgasburg, the huge outdoor food market on the Brooklyn waterfront. During that time, I was the only vendor to prepare a different food option every single weekend. My philosophy was that non-vegan Smorgasburg customers had access to infinite food options, so vegans deserved the same variety. I gave them the experience of many different vegan food vendors, over the span of a summer.

The funny thing is, most of my customers were non-vegans. My biggest takeaway from the experience is that people will eat something if it looks, smells & tastes good. I relish being able to sell out of food alongside other vendors selling fried chicken sandwiches and bacon on a stick. I can hold my own among them because my food is good. That is the bottom line. Not politics, not publicity, not ego.

Pictured above are (click thumbnails to view):

Eggplant Parm: homemade spelt bun, from-scratch marinara, cashew cheese sauce & basil

Muffaletta: celeryroot remoulade, roasted mushrooms, carrot ribbons & olive salad on Napoli Bakery Italian sourdough

Frito Pie: organic bluecorn chips topped with three-bean seitan chili, nacho cashew sauce & onion

Jackfruit Cakes: vegan crab cakes on homemade spelt buns, topped with tricolor slaw, sweetcorn relish & tomato aioli

Blueberry Blintzes: Red Jacket Orchards blueberry filling, Blue Point toasted lager crepes, coconut whip cream & cinnamon sugar

Chorizo Pockets: spicy Field Roast chorizo filling in achiote-infused pastry w. cilantro aioli

Seitan Kebabs: BBQ grilled seitan, pineapple & organic baby tomatoes, homemade sauce

Seitan Chimichurri Sandwich: grilled marinated seitan, artichoke chimichurri & mayo

Knish: organic yukon gold & olive oil mashed potatoes, spelt pastry

Not pictured: caramel apples, candy apples, empanadas, stuffed grape leaves in homemade pita, potato & artichoke pizzettas, donuts, brownies, and more!


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