Dear Girl With the Purple Highlights


Thank you for visiting my table this weekend. No, I did not make my own ice cream from scratch. Just everything else. I have before, when I was a pastry chef, but those desserts were $12, not $7. And since you and your friends want to complain about the prices here, I hear there is a McDonalds over on Grand St–they use tortured vegetable fat for their fries now instead of tortured animal fat.

Sorry I didn’t have time to make signs touting my organic, fair trade ingredients. Please feel welcome, the next time you have 48 free, consecutive hours, to accompany me through two sleepless days of prep and work. You will encounter countless, happy customers on the tail end that will make it worth your while. One snot-nosed punk does not a bad day make.


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One Response to Dear Girl With the Purple Highlights

  1. Mina says:

    The nerve of Punky Brewster questioning your skills. You can’t please everyone. Loved the foccacia’s and in another half an hour I will feasting on the one I took home yesterday for lunch. My brother who was a skeptic that anything vegan could not possibly taste good is no longer a skeptic.


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