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World’s Laziest Nori Rolls; Homemade Sushi for the Underacheiver.

If you are like me, when you’re home alone, meals consist of whatever is around and fits in the palm of your hand. I cannot be bothered to cook for myself. If there’s nobody around to oooh & aaah over … Continue reading

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Chipotle Bean Salad

I love spicy salads. The first time I ever had one–a really spicy one–was at Mooncake Foods. They serve their salads with homemade dressings, and everything on the menu with a side of jalepeño garlic sauce. For the longest time, … Continue reading

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Exotic Spiced Seitan & Pumpkin Kebabs

The broiler is the most underrated kitchen appliance. Everyone has it: that mystery drawer under your oven with the slotted pan in it. Is it a storage space? Grease-catcher? Who dares to crank the oven all the way up to … Continue reading

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Holiday Recap: Greek Rice & Seitan Pie

This is kind of a medium-advanced recipe but I encourage everyone to try it. Like me, you can use sites like YouTube and Epicurious to supplement your skills. The payoff is big: This was the best thing I made in 2010. Continue reading

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Chipotle Cashew Creamy Pasta

This is a quick and easy lunch or dinner with a kick! The creaminess from the cashews makes it very soul-satisfying. It is reminiscent of a vodka sauce, and you could actually swap out the wine for vodka. Vodka sauce … Continue reading

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Quick Kubocha Squash Cassoulet

Here is an easy and satisfying winter dinner that is short on fat but not on flavor. It was so good it didn’t even last for a picture!

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