The Obligatory Superbowl Dip. Wonka Would Approve.

There is one day per year I am a football fan, and it has everything to do with food.

The superbowl is synonymous with snacks–especially chips & dip. They can be as common as tostitos ‘n’ velveeta or as cutesy as cassava chips with cranberry mango salsa. And I went to a superbowl party just to make (and eat) them.

I specifically wanted to make a bread bowl. I’d previously had an aversion to them, as a reaction to growing up in Pennsylvania, perhaps. What was my problem? What’s not to love about edible containers? Willy Wonka said it best when he sang “You can even eat the dishes” and took a bite of his daffodil teacup.

Taco shells. Waffle cones. Noodle nests. Where would we be without them?

I chose the tzadziki (aka Mediterranean Cashew Cucumber Dip) recipe from Veganomicon. But somewhere on the way it morphed into a spinach dip. I ended up blending 3/4 lb of sprouted organic tofu into  the dip, to make it fluffier and creamier, and folded half a bunch of finely chopped fresh spinach into the mixture once it was done. I also added some extra cucumber juice and lemon juice at the end, to loosen up the consistency a little bit.

Everyone loved it!


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